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A ctivity

Heated Swimming Pool

Hours Varies depending on the day of the week.
Reservations No reservation is required.
Days Closed Varies.
Prices Adult: 1,050 yen, Child: 525 yen
Pool Dimensions 25 m 5 lane competition-grade indoor heated swimming pool

Shopping Mall: "Hida-koji"

The shops offer a wide selection of tastes and handicrafts of Hida, as well as basic travel goods.
Reminiscent of the streets of Old Hida, the “Hida-koji” is a walkway filled with unique souvenir shops. Quaint and picturesque, it includes a wooden bridge, trees and flowers, and lattice doors.
Young children especially love to watch the large “koi” carp swimming in the pond.
[Please order for home delivery here]
The most popular souvenirs are 'Nama-kintsuba' (a type of confectionery) and 'Special Magnolia Miso', which are both original products of our hotel and only available from here.
We also recommend 'Aka-kabura-asazuke', the delicious turnips served with your meals here, and 'Sarubobo' dolls which are made with a wish for happiness.

Location Ground Floor of the East Wing
Hours 7:00 am - 9:30 pm

Banquet Halls/Conference Rooms

We have seven different types of large rooms, both Japanese-style with tatami mats and western style. These include smaller conference rooms, suitable for presentations or receptions for a small number of guests, and the largest banquet hall in Takayama, which can easily accommodate up to 1,000 people.

Room Names Floor Areas
Kichijo 570m2
Matsuri 353m2
Miyabi 60m2
Laurel 84m2
Angelus 51m2
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